Rare Disease Informatics

As part of a student team during the first year of my PhD, I worked with the Boston Undiagnosed Diseases Network chapter to pinpoint the underlying genetic causes of two rare diseases in young patients. We built a machine learning classifier to go from variant to diagnosis and found the likely cause for one of the two children.

Cancer Genomics

Identified novel cancer vulnerabilities using a protein network-based approach to find networks under purifying selection in tumors.

Autism Data Science

Pinpointed epistatic interactions to enable a phenotype-genotype bridge in autism using coalitional game theory.

Precision Medicine

Characterized the mutational landscape of lung cancers with respect to therapeutic and clinical actionability.

Combination Drug Discovery

Assessed potential synergy between various anti-melanoma drugs from gene expression signatures in response to these therapies.

Genetic Engineering

Engineered bacteria to sense inflammation in the gut and secrete anti-inflammatory agents in response.